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Highlights of Hanqiu's first

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Guangdong Hanqiu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Co organizer:

Guangdong High Performance Computing Society


Technical seminar on "digital finishing and intelligent manufacturing"

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In December 2021, Hanqiu intelligence was successfully awarded the "Guangdong science and technology expert workstation" and joined the Guangdong High Performance Computing Society at the same time.

In order to give full play to the efficiency of scientific and technological expert workstation and promote the in-depth integration of industry, University and research, Hanqiu intelligent, together with Guangdong high performance computing society, held the first technical seminar with the theme of "digital painting and intelligent manufacturing" in Hanqiu company on January 20.

Because of the epidemic situation, the seminar was conducted online and offline. Experts from all walks of life focused on the application technology of plate coating process and jointly discussed the cutting-edge technology and development direction of "digital coating and intelligent manufacturing".

Seminars, online and online experts are very active, generous, open to share, and have a lot of dry goods.

Technical seminar

Ms. Fu Qiuxia, chairman of Guangdong Hanqiu

Welcome speech, and introduce various new intelligent finishing processes such as rolling, drenching, spraying, hot pasting and coating.

Academician of the International Academy of wood Sciences, Nanjing Forestry University

Wu Zhihui (Professor)

Make the theme report of "development trend of digital intelligent coating of household wood products".

Founded in 1966, the International Academy of wood sciences is the highest academic organization in the field of wood science in the world. The academician of the International Academy of wood sciences is the highest honorary academic title in the field of wood science.

Academician Wu Zhizhi has made great achievements in the field of home intelligent manufacturing. This report deeply expounds the conditions of intelligent manufacturing and the direction of Intelligent Coating in the field of home wood products. The argument is profound and unique, and everyone has benefited a lot.

Institute of intelligent manufacturing, Guangdong Academy of Sciences

Si Weizheng (Senior Engineer)

It focuses on the technical applications of equipment technology, such as reliability design and analysis, reliability test and evaluation, reliability numerical simulation and so on.

Former Haomai China, Jinmilong building materials, Guan Jianhua (Chairman)

Hanqiu brand customer representative shared with you the story of 46 years of personal employment in the field of wood equipment. He lamented that China's wood equipment manufacturing technology has caught up with its European counterparts and is not what it used to be. At the same time, he also shared with you Shandong Luli's advanced intelligent and flexible technology.

Du Zhimin (Senior Engineer) of Guangzhou City Institute of Technology

Through the implementation of the case, we show the application of MR equipment in industry, especially sharing the advanced and convenience of MR glasses in equipment inspection and equipment after customer service.

Guan Wenhua (General Manager) of Guangdong chaoti Software Technology Co., Ltd

The main lecture is the application of digital twin technology in intelligent equipment industry. Combined with software technology and implementation cases, this paper expounds the great utility of digital twin technology in the market promotion and product dynamic display of large-scale equipment and equipment production line.

Aotier engineering software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Ma Xiaokang (Senior Engineer)

The keynote speaker is the application of multidisciplinary simulation technology in intelligent equipment industry. Through a very concrete implementation case, it shows the scientific analysis after the perfect combination of multidisciplinary principles and simulation software, so as to provide accurate decision-making reference for R & D and design.

Intelligent finishing experience center

High gloss coating technology

Gold foil paper veneer Technology

Digital printing technology

Experts and scholars, visit Hanqiu intelligent painting experience center and data laboratory to experience the visible painting effect on site.

Group photo

The technical seminar on "digital painting and intelligent manufacturing" focused on the theme, reported grounding gas, thought collision, and the opening of the brain hole, which was highly praised by the on-site and online participants!

In 2022, Hanqiu intelligence will start with this seminar, actively explore and link more scientific and technological expert resources, enhance the attraction of scientific and technological expert workstation, provide a scene for the transformation of experts' scientific research achievements and empower Hanqiu's innovation and development.


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