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PURETE was founded in 2008, and was upgraded to a joint-stock company in December 2021 through joint-stock reform.
PURETE is an automatic assembly line equipment service provider for painting and finishing. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on environmental protection finishing applications.
PURETE's production line equipment covers roller coating line, curtain coating line, spraying line, inert coating line, laminating line, wrapping line, excimer super matt line, etc., which are widely used in various metal products, plastic products, glass products, cement surface coating and veneer lamination of materials, especially suitable for the surface treatment of decoration products in civil and commercial spaces such as custom home furnishing, interior and exterior wall panels, floor materials, doors, windows and ceilings.
PURETE, which now owns two brands, PURETE and HAUTE, provides integrated coating solutions for the surface technology needs of different types and levels of customers. Shunde headquarters, operating the PURETE brand, is located in Foshan City,Guandong Province, construction area of about 60,000 square meters. and it is planned to be built into PURETE Special digital intelligent environmental protection coating production line equipment manufacturing base.
Subsidiary—Hubei HAUTE which operates the HAUTE brand, is located in Tianmen, Hubei province, covering an area of 58 acres. It has been officially put into production in October 2021, with an annual designed production capacity of 5,000 units.

One-stop surface finishing solution

innovate technology and innovate products

Developing application fields, customized equipment upgrades

Roller coating is no longer just flat

Market development experience accumulation

Third-generation technology is coming soon

Iterative update of intelligent systems

Diverse product series

Machine working width 1320mm standard model quickly occupy the market

Pratt focuses on providing every customer with one-stop solutions for equipment, coating and process, so as to completely solve the problems of environmental pollution, low efficiency, high production cost, low degree of automation, unstable coating effect and so on in the traditional coating process. Pratt has made major breakthroughs in special-shaped roll coating, ultra wide roll coating, high-speed roll coating, high gloss spray coating, blind release film pressing, ultra matte skin feeling process, high gloss finish flat pasting process and three-dimensional coating. It has advanced technologies such as intelligent integration of the whole line of equipment and remote control of cloud platform

Pratt equipment has been exported to more than 60 countries around the world, with more than 3000 customer cases traded in the world. It has successively won Guangdong intelligent manufacturing ecological partner, Foshan manufacturing invisible champion enterprise, Foshan specialized special new enterprise, Foshan Quality Management Maturity 3A enterprise, Haiguan AEO advanced certification enterprise Guangdong Province has the honorary titles of digital manufacturing transformation, industrial ecological supply resource pool and so on. It is a leading enterprise in the field of plate coating equipment in China

In recent years, Pratt has continuously increased its capital and expanded its production. Hubei Haoerte Industrial Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pratt, covers an area of 58 mu. It is a strategic manufacturing base established by Pratt in Central China. It has been officially put into operation on October 9, 2021, with an annual design capacity of 5000 units. Pratt Shunde headquarters is located in the high-end equipment Industrial Park in dam Industrial Zone, Longjiang Town, Shunde, covering an area of 54 Mu and a total construction area of about 60000 square meters. Construction has been started in August 2021. It is planned to build Pratt digital intelligent environmental protection coating production line equipment manufacturing base.!

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